Dr. Bill's Official Logo T-shirt
Dr. Bill's Girl's V-Neck T-shirt

Dr. Bill's Official Logo T-shirt

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Now you can own an authentic Dr. Bill's Syrup t-shirt just like the ones the wonderful waitstaff at all Toast locations around New Orleans proudly wear.

This high-quality blended T-shirt is so comfy you won't want to take it off.  Why not show your love for Dr. Bill's Syrup by sporting this one-of-a-kind logo top.  The retro rocket and logo is as unique and appealing as the flavor of Dr. Bill's Syrup.  You won't be disappointed in this one.  We promise - well if you really don't like it you can use it as a luxurious polishing cloth...joking of course!

They run true to size and are not likely to shrink owing to the poly blend. Soft and cool-as-can-be this is the perfect summer Tee! Order them while the limited supplies last ... but don't worry - we'll make more if we have to. 

***Now in Girl's V-neck style as well.

Only $3.28 total shipping for one or two shirts!

Reach High,

Dr. Bill